What Am I Doing Here?

It’s not like the world needs another car blog – there are certainly enough good ones.  You can go to Autoblog or Jalopnik for news and commentary, Hooniverse, Murilee Martin and Bangshift for the weird and the awesome, and Ate Up With Motor for in-depth historical analysis.  So why am I doing this?

Because I’ve spent most of my working life in the automotive industry, and I keep coming back.  Because I get a cheap thrill when something breaks and I am able to fix it (or get it close, anyway).  Because I buy my daughters a toy car at every opportunity in the (likely vain) hope that at least one of them will want to spend time with me in the garage, at the junkyard, or at a car show.  Because I spend a dangerous amount of time browsing Craigslist for cars and parts I can’t afford and don’t need.  And, most importantly, because this stuff takes up too much of my mental real estate, and I need a place to put some of it.

So I will try to limit the navel-gazing and make this a place for projects, opinion, and all the random car crap that rolls, smoking and sputtering, out of my brain.  Like the magic bolt box on my workbench, you never know what kind of greasy, probably obsolete, and likely useless thing you’ll end up with if you rummage through it long enough.


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