As Seen on Craigslist – 1962 Econoline

As I’ve said before, I spend a dangerous (both in terms of my own sanity and for the safety of my marriage) amount of time browsing Craigslist.  It’s really quite amazing what turns up with a simple model-year search, without even leaving my local area.  Case in point is this 1962 Ford Econoline van.  I have a weird fascination with forward-control trucks and vans, despite their quirky handling characteristics and the fact that the “crumple zone” in an accident consists of the driver’s kneecaps.  This particular van isn’t the cleanest or most attractive example, but for (a certainly negotiable) $2500, could you really go wrong?

Well, I guess you could go wrong, especially because it’s probably not road-worthy.  But I can think of worse ways to spend two grand, and at least here you would get to learn how to drive a manual transmission on the column, and be haunted in your sleep by visions of this creepy dead-eyed zombie van chasing you down an empty dead-end street!  It’s win-win!  I could do without the goofy “artwork” on the side, but this thing is just begging to be painted black with a red “A-Team” stripe anyway.  Ford sixes are dead reliable, and it’s not like you need silly things like an exhaust, working lights, or a heater in this type of vehicle, right?


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