As Seen on Craigslist – 1969 Buick Skylark

For this week’s Craigslist spotlight, I found an offbeat version of the humdrum (at least at most car shows) 68-72 GM musclecar.  The Buick version of the GM A-body (Chevrolet Chevelle/Malibu, Pontiac LeMans/GTO, Oldsmobile Cutlass/442 and the Skylark) is typically the least popular of the four makes, usually making it the cheapest and least likely to be thrashed.  This “I think I ate too many brussels sprouts” green example is a base model Skylark (instead of the more desirable – and expensive – GS trim level) which is both good and bad.  Good because it is devoid of most trim, has “dog dish” hubcaps on steel wheels with whitewall tires, and is a bench seat, column shift car.  All of this adds up to a great sleeper vibe for when you take care of the bad part of the equation – it has the small (relatively speaking) 350 cubic inch Buick V8, likely with a 2-barrel carburetor.  While that engine is perfectly fine for cruising and probably gets better mileage than you think, this car would go from Grandma’s Sunday driver to full-on moonshine runner with the addition of a readily available 455 V8 from an early-70’s Riviera or other full-size Buick.  Leave the air conditioner and factory air cleaner lid with the “350” sticker for ultimate sleeper appeal, but put a nice pair of mufflers on for a little stoplight rumble.  The car looks to have power brakes, so you should be able to keep from powersliding into a light pole while pegging the septuagenarian-spec horizontal speedometer.

Damn, now I really want this thing.  Only fear of being called a copycat by my Craigslist-surfing, moped-wanting, 1969-Skylark-driving coworker is keeping me from calling to look at it.  Well, that and the lack of $5000 in my pocket and a place to park it.


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