As Seen On Craigslist – 1967 Ford Falcon

For this edition of As Seen On Craigslist, I wanted to pretend to be JFK and run a mid-60s Lincoln convertible that I found last week, but apparently someone decided that a 40-year-old, suicide-doored president-mobile made for a good Christmas gift.  So instead, I’m lusting over this compact wagon.

I’ve gone on about my wagon fascination already, so I’ll spare everyone the reasons why this car appeals to me.  Suffice it to say it’s only missing some woodgrain paneling for the complete effect.  From the ad, it sounds like the seller has done quite a bit of work to the car, much of it racing related.  The engine compartment and the body look super clean, so I’d lose the drag race springs and shocks to eliminate the stinkbug stance and throw my kids’ booster seats in the back for a cool little family cruiser.


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