As Seen on Craigslist – 1965 Corvair

I’ve already posted this Corvair, but today’s is one I’d actually entertain thoughts of owning.  The Corvair gets a bad rap, mostly due to its tendency to kill unsuspecting drivers when the outside wheel tucks under and flips the car during a turn, but that malady was remedied by the time the second generation models debuted in 1965.  In addition to correcting the rear suspension, GM blessed the new Corvair with what might be the prettiest design of the decade.  The ’65-’69 cars are curvaceous and beautifully proportioned, with a sharply angled front clip and a concave rear panel that gives a sense of speed even when standing still.  This example is particularly appealing, finished in a very ’60’s shade of blue with a matching interior and, as an added bonus, a 4-speed gearshift sticking through the floor.

The price is right, and if your name isn’t Gene you could have what appears to be a straight and clean version of one of the most unique ’60’s cars available.  There is a thriving aftermarket for these cars, and owners are friendly and active (I wrote a paper in grad school on the cult of the Corvair, so I admit I’m a bit partial).  In other words, this would be a great, low-risk foray into classic car ownership for someone who wanted a fun little convertible to tool around in.  For this price, you could even do this if you’re feeling frisky.


2 responses to “As Seen on Craigslist – 1965 Corvair

  • Mike

    Though only if your name is not Gene. Craigslist writing never gets old.

    I do wonder about the front end of this car. Seems like they could have pushed it out during the nicer weather around New Year’s to get some better shots.

    • themagicboltbox

      Wouldn’t it be great if the whole nose of the car was just missing and they hid it behind that engine stand? I also like the duplicate picture. You can almost hear the ad’s creator: “Well I’ve only got three fuzzy, poorly lit pictures of that old Corvair in the garage, but this here Craigslist thingamajig has four picture slots. I guess I’ll just put the best one on there twice.”

      God help Gene, wherever he is.

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