As Seen on Craigslist – 1970 Chevy C-10

Friday’s “My Next Car” post must have put me in a truck mood, because this pickup jumped out at me while trolling Craigslist over the weekend.  In my mind, all old trucks should have dog-dish hubcaps and be some shade of brown, and this shade is particularly truck-like.  A Chevy 350 4-barrel isn’t particularly memorable, but the manual transmission with a three-on-the-tree shifter will certainly be a conversation piece for anyone under the age of 40, and the combination will be nearly unbreakable.

This C-10 looks to be in good shape, although the stripe of what looks like primer behind the driver’s door is a little questionable.  Of course, I’m making this assumption based on four of the most useless pictures the owner could have taken.  You wouldn’t think that taking a picture in which the entire vehicle is in the frame would be hard, but apparently it escaped ol’ Randy here.  Taking photos in direct sunlight is also tricky, especially when the reflection off the windshield obscures a third of the subject matter.  Regardless, assuming the passenger side of the truck actually exists, $4750 isn’t an unreasonable amount.


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