As Seen on Craigslist – 1966 Mustang

It’s been said before that there might be more first-generation Mustangs still on the road than any other old car.  Granted, Ford spit out about a zillion of these things, but it’s amazing how plentiful they are, even in the Midwest.  They’re kind of a “Classic Cars for Dummies” primer.  This particular car, in a typical red-on-red scheme, seems like a pretty good deal for a car that almost everyone has coveted at some point.

Since early Mustangs enjoy almost unlimited aftermarket support (you could seriously build, from scratch, a Mustang from a catalog), there isn’t anything that could go wrong on this that isn’t easily fixed.  Of course, for $8500, there better not be much wrong with it to begin with, but that amount also nets you a more modern driveline out of a 90’s Mustang.  “More modern” being a bit of a technicality, since there isn’t much that separates a 1992 Ford 302 V8 from the 289 that probably graced this Mustang in 1966.  Ditch that ugly steering wheel and spring for new carpet and you’d have an easy cruiser, and infinite hop-up parts for both the engine and suspension are just a phone call away.  As an added bonus, purchasing this vehicle would require a trip to lovely Lisbon, Ohio on US 30.  Just ignore the manure smell.


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