As Seen on Craigslist – 1970 Cutlass

I’ve sold my share of cars and parts, and it seems to me that acting like dealing with potential buyers is a chore and then threatening the remaining interested parties with a price increase isn’t the best way to complete a sale.  That, and the fact that it’s the dead of winter, might be why this goofus is having a hard time moving this Cutlass.  There’s no real description of the “LIL BODY WORK NEEDED,” or even why it needs painted, but the seller might have better luck if he fixed the torn seat or the rat’s nest of wiring visible in the engine picture.  That might actually explain why the one poor soul who actually stopped to look at it “low-balled” the seller – that and the obviously non-original engine that is missing its air cleaner, allowing the “REAL DEAL ram air hood” to suck more bugs and dirt into the engine than if you strapped a Dyson to the grille.

Somehow I don’t think turning what looks like an understated and decent (if overpriced) silver car into a winged orange monstrosity and charging $2300 more for it will entice anyone else into buying it, but what do I know – I consider a gold interior a selling point.


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