As Seen on Craigslist – 1966 Bonneville

This looks like an overpriced but nice car, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Why is there a dog in the first picture?  Does the dog come with the car, or is he extra?  Has the dog somehow gotten attached to the car and refuses to let it leave, so you have to take him with you if you buy it?  Was there a picture of the dog on the seller’s memory card and he couldn’t figure out how not to upload it with the others?  So many questions, and yet, no answers.

Anyway, back to the (much less interesting) car.  No one can deny that full-size convertibles are one of those quintessentially American inventions – no other developed country has the physical space and ego to accommodate such a barge.  As such, just looking at this thing has me thinking of chewing up endless freeway miles through the deep south on the way to New Orleans or Mobile or Memphis.  Sadly, 17k is WAY too much for this car, even if it is spotless – especially since the ad contains the deadly “custom built” modifier.  Typically “custom” is shorthand for “no one likes the atrocities that have been committed to this car other than me.”  The pictures don’t show anything too egregious, but I’m assuming there is a unicorn embroidered into the back seat or perhaps a scantily-clad Viking princess airbrushed on the trunk.  Knock it down to 12k and some Raoul Duke wannabe will snatch this thing up.


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