As Seen on Craigslist – 1953 Mercury Woody

I’m not going to fault the seller here – the car in this ad is the very definition of “project car.”  But God help the poor soul who actually hauls this shell and a U-Haul full of spare parts back home, especially if he’s married.  “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey bunch, I bought a rusty, dented, glassless station wagon (sans interior), and it came with a whole truckload of extra parts!  Can you believe somebody was practically giving this away on Craigslist?!”  I hope a mattress fits in the back buddy, because you’re gonna be sleeping there for the next few nights.

Actually, I am going to fault the seller a little bit.  Where I come from, in order to be a “woody,” the car must actually, you know, be made of wood.  The pictures sure look like steel to me, unless there’s some obscure African hardwood that turns flat black when you cut it.  Anyway, the ad makes it sound like there are enough parts to build four of these things, but there are undoubtedly a fair number of unobtainable 1953-Mercury-specific parts that aren’t indiscriminately piled in this gentleman’s driveway.  Sometimes the car hobby is a vicious circle – this fellow almost certainly bit off more than he (or any sane person) could chew, and now, for any number of reasons, he needs to get out from under it – by foisting it on some other schmuck who has visions of flathead Ford-induced tire smoke wafting out from under the massive flanks of this wagon, but who will likely end up in the same position after staring at an unchanging pile of parts for a few months.


2 responses to “As Seen on Craigslist – 1953 Mercury Woody

  • karl

    you say your a car guy yep you can put gas in it and drive wow grow up these things are rare the last of the woodies steel doors real wood aplique i have started with much much less and enjoyed the finished product maybe shiny bondo and is better suited for you poeple buy cars that are crap under the shiny and then they look at a full resto not the way to buy aloha

    • themagicboltbox

      Anyone who could turn that pile of parts into a running, fully functional car certainly has my utmost respect. But you and I know there are driveways all over the place full of project cars that will never get finished, and I suspect this might be one too.

      I didn’t know these cars had steel doors and quarters with real wood over it – so I learned something new today.

      P.S. The period key is your friend. Learn to love it.

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