As Seen on Craigslist – 1972 Chevelle Wagon

This is one of those instances where I wished I lived somewhere that didn’t get a lot of snow or use salt on the roads.  This station wagon, in all its beige and rear-facing back seat glory, would make a fabulous family truckster/parts hauler, but I’m not willing to submit it to certain cancer-stricken doom by driving it in the winter in Ohio.  That’s a weird thing to say, considering these cars were generally considered disposable when new; would you shed any tears if you watched a Dodge Caravan – the rough equivalent of this vehicle today – get crushed?  It’s not as if a beige station wagon is worthy of the Hemi ‘Cuda or Shelby Cobra treatment, but I’d be saddened if I ran across its rusted carcass in a junkyard three years from now.

Regardless, I don’t have the spare cash, time, or space to justify another semi-presentable old car in my driveway, and my lovely wife doesn’t share my feelings about wagons.  Alas, I’ll have to let this one pass me by.


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