As Seen on Craigslist – 1966 Ford Bronco

Before it became an OJ Simpson-related punchline, the Ford Bronco was one of the first SUVs.  I’ve never driven one, but I doubt that that short wheelbase results in anything close to a comfortable ride.  That said, the Jeep-like dashboard (a steel sheet with a large round speedometer and little else) and removable top results in a fun little runabout, even though it’s slow as mud and lacks any kind of modern driveability – it kind of reminds me of a VW Beetle in that way.  That Indian blanket seat cover is probably covering any number of springs that will poke your nether regions with every bump and pothole, and I know these things are rust prone, but it looks like it would make a decent alternative to an older Jeep without being a as weird as an IHC Scout.


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