As Seen on Craigslist – 1968 Mercedes 230

Yes, you too can reenact your favorite Hangover moments!  All you need is this 40-year-old Mercedes, 20 minutes with a sawzall, and a middle-aged Asian man willing to ride naked in the trunk, and you’ve got a one-way ticket to Las Vegas-themed hijinks!  Yes, this is a four-door and the movie car was a coupe, but that’s a minor detail.  Of course, you’ll have to get over any issues you may have with blood red carpeting coupled with white seats (although, being a fan of weird interior combos, I kind of like it).

Old MB engines, while not the speediest things around, are legendarily reliable, and the Craigslist-spec low resolution photos don’t show anything immediately worrisome.  While not my typical cup of tea, classic Benzes have a certain charm of their own, and at the very least you’d have fun trying to decipher the German writing/iconography on the controls.  Not the type of car I would expect someone named “Dwain” to own, but worth a call nonetheless.


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