As Seen on Craigslist – 1967 LeMans

This guy is a born salesman – between the “Time to GO – GO FAST” introduction and the “Not all original, BETTER than original” pitch, he has the wink and nod act down to a T.  Unfortunately, I fail to see how a car with faded paint, mismatched wheels, a dented rear bumper, and an engine, transmission, and rear end of indiscriminate origin make it better than original.

Of course, I could slap my wheels and bumper on this thing and have what looks to be a pretty straight upgrade from my current ride.  I don’t like the vinyl top (and God only knows what kind of rust monsters are hiding under there), and it’s considerably overpriced in the current market (I passed up a similar four-speed ’67 LeMans with perfect black paint and a 455 for $11k in 2007 – not because it was overpriced, but because I couldn’t afford it), but for a few grand less it might be worth it.  The seller’s used-car salesman vibe is still a red flag, though.


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