As Seen on Craigslist – 1968 El Camino

Ah, the infamous “pictures don’t do it justice” caveat.  In this case, does that mean the car/truck looks MORE like something the cat in the hat would drive?  I mean, the El Camino already has an indelible trailer park air about it; can you imagine the looks you would get driving a blue one with primer polka dots and a black hood?  And I know orange is the traditional color for Chevy engines, but could that shiny tangerine lump look any more incongruous with the technicolor mess around it?  Add that to the fact that you apparently need to cut a notch in the seat in order to shift into second gear (check out the shifter knob resting against the seat bottom)… wait a minute – is that an orange ’79 Dodge Aspen in the background of the third picture?  OK, I’m done.  Any person that has a rusty polka-dotted El Camino and an orange Dodge Aspen is undoubtedly a serial killer with the most magnificent mullet you’ve ever seen.  If you call on this car and end up in a hole in this guy’s basement, slathered in shea butter, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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