Classic Cars and Modern Rock

I was never that big of a fan of Audioslave, but I have to give them (overdue – this video came out in 2003) credit for this seamless reworking of Vanishing Point, the 1971 cult film about a disenfranchised Vietnam veteran and adrenaline junkie who is chased across the Southwest by police as he delivers an iconic white 1970 Dodge Challenger to California.  While this motif would be echoed in a more lighthearted way later in the decade in Smokey and the BanditVanishing Point is pretty dark, reflecting the American mood of the day.

Regardless, Chris Cornell’s usually ferocious vocals are once again on display, and Tom Morello’s unique guitar work never fails to disappoint.  It’s one of the rare instances where a modern song fits a classic movie, and that muscular, menacing Challenger doesn’t hurt, either.

Tip o’ the hat to Hemmings Blog for bringing this to my attention.


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