As Seen on Craigslist – 1964 Chevy Bel Air

Favored by West Coast rappers and hot rodders alike, the ’63 and ’64 full-size Chevys have pretty much universal appeal.  This particular car is slightly less desirable, being a two-door post hardtop (as opposed to an open coupe, without a B-pillar, or a convertible) and a Bel Air (as opposed to the higher-ranking Impala), but its a resale red V8 car that looks like it’s in good shape.  So it’s a bit puzzling as to why the seller would be so excited about the fact that the “Speedo and gas gauge WORK!!”  Also, while I’m sure he or she means to say that the 327 is “crisp,”  when I read “crispy,” I assume there has been a horrible engine fire.

Anyway, those are minor gaffes, and the car seems pretty well sorted and the price isn’t astronomical.  Take a magnet with you to check for bondo, lose the ugly rims, and crank up the Eazy-E.


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