2011 Massillon, Ohio Car Show

Massillon, Ohio hosts an annual “Cruise-on-in and Dance Party” on Father’s Day weekend.  Scheduling conflicts and weather have prohibited me from attending in the past, but I made it this year with my oldest daughter for a little father-daughter bonding.  We arrived around 11:30, about a half hour after the official start.  I was worried that there wouldn’t be much to see that early, but it was actually pretty full; there were cars lining both sides of the street for about 6 city blocks, plus some scattered down side streets.  Like most car shows, there were an abundance of Camaros, a crappy cover band butchering Van Morrison and Fleetwood Mac, and greasy fair food.  Here are some of the highlights:

This is the V12 engine in a mid-70’s Jaguar E-Type.  Anybody care to guess how many linear feet of vacuum hose is in there?

This old Ford truck was absolutely spotless.

I’m still a sucker for ’83-’88 Monte Carlo SS’s, and I’ve always wanted a blue one.

Just around the corner from the Monte was its NASCAR stablemate, a 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2.  A similar aero front end to the SS, but the same base V8 as the regular Grand Prix.  It also has this…

giant bubble-back rear glass, for decreased drag.

Late 70’s Pontiac Bonneville, just waiting to be donked.

Studebaker Hawk.  Not something you see everyday.

A local Jeep club showed up, and parked about 10 Wranglers like this.

Another mullet-mobile I’m drawn to, this one’s a 2001 Firebird Formula.  Basically a Trans Am without all the extra scoops and wings.

This Corvair Truck could be yours for a little over $3k.  It was a little rough, but complete.  The air-cooled flat 6 engine is in the bed, and the side folds down to make a ramp.

Something I’d never even heard of before – a 1959 Autobianchi Bianchina Transformable Special.  I have no idea what that means, but it was pretty cool.

Just a classic red ’57 Chevy convertible.

I thought these late-70’s Mustangs were the coolest cars around, when I was a kid.  I got over it.

An old GMC heavy duty truck.  Overheard from a passerby as I was taking this picture: “What’s so special about that thing?  The fact that it still runs?”  Why yes, that is part of it.  Call me when your Ram is still hauling stuff in 60 years.

This green 1969 Camaro had a built engine, dual exhaust, and wide rear tires – and still had manual death drum brakes all the way around.

I was all over this brown ’78 Firebird, with a 400 V8 and a 4-speed.  It’s as ’70’s as cocaine and Burt Reynolds’ chest hair, and I would definitely drive it.

This big-block Chevelle had an awesome mile-deep paint job.

Speaking of big blocks, this Impala convertible had me going too.  Great color, awesome plain-jane wheels, 427, and a drop-top.  If it had a 4-speed, I’d would have had to wipe my drool off the fender.

This 1960 Impala had an awesome looking engine bay.  Anything with multiple carburetors is cool in my book.

I caught this clean 1968 Lemans convertible as it was pulling into the show.  As we were leaving, I saw that it was for sale – at a “you’re dreaming, buddy” $18k.

This 1927 Chevy T-Bucket was all done up like an old fighter plane.  Lots of cool details, like rocket fins on the exhaust, gun barrels on the grille, and olive drab everywhere.

This 1957 Vette is one of my favorite body styles, and had a cool street-racer vibe with the mag wheels and…

a worn but well-kept interior.

Something I’d never seen in person, a 1968 Opel Kadet – the pre-Chevette.  Actually not a bad looking car; it kind of looks like a mini-Nova.

A local private ambulance company had this 1968 Pontiac ambulance in their display area.

Lastly, this Beetle was my daughter’s favorite.  It was in extremely good condition.


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