As Seen on Craigslist – 1974 Dodge Van

The 70’s van craze has recently re-entered the car-guy consciousness, at least judging by the number of references to these vehicles on various websites.  There was a time where it was perfectly normal and even cool to drive a windowless van with an airbrushed viking on the side, and I guess there is some ironic and hedonistic appeal to that now.  I’ll stumble across one every now and again on Craigslist, and this one sort of jumped out at me.  I don’t know if it’s the wood-grain refrigerator or the hideous white brickwork that did it, but at the very least the mirrored ceiling guarantees that the new owner will want to disinfect that shag carpeting.

There isn’t much else to say about this van that the pictures won’t tell you – there’s not even a mural on the side – but the last item on the list caught my eye.  Why in God’s name would you want a porta pot in a vehicle with this much carpeting?  And where is it?  None of the photos show anything that looks like a toilet, unless I was mistaken about that wood-grain box being a fridge.  Might want to double up on that disinfectant I mentioned earlier.


One response to “As Seen on Craigslist – 1974 Dodge Van

  • Genevieve

    We had a van in the early 80’s and it was pretty commonplace then (my sister learned how to drive in it!). But one of my friends went on a date with a guy she met online and he showed up driving (wait for it…) a Browns-themed windowless van. It even had a scoreboard on the side. We won’t let her hear the end of that one. (Don’t guys know you can’t do that stuff when you’re single if you want to meet women? Wait until you’re married, THEN you bring home the Browns van one day…she probably won’t divorce you.)

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