As Seen on Craigslist – 1956 Chevy

For some reason, I’ve been on a 50’s kick lately.  I saw a clean ’55 Chevy on the road over the weekend, and that cemented it.  Unfortunately, these cars have reached the point where anything that’s reasonably clean and drivable is way out of the reach of the average car guy.  That situation isn’t going to get any better as time passes, either; the few project-worthy cars out there will likely only get worse and drive up the price of the good ones.  The days of finding workable 50’s-era cars in backyards and sheds are just about over.

Unless, that is, you’re willing to look at sedans.  While two-doors will always be more popular with the hot rod crowd, the styling of the four-door cars is virtually identical and they can be had for MUCH less money.  Where a comparable coupe would likely command triple what this seller is asking, you could throw a couple grand in engine, brake, and interior parts at this one and have a nice little cruiser with a ton of patina and style.  The ’57 is iconic, but the ’55 and ’56 cars are more subdued and I think better looking.  If you want a 50’s car, you better act fast, and this might not be a bad start.


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