Killinger Escape Plan

Full disclosure – I knew nothing about Dillinger Escape Plan’s music until I came up with that snappy title.  I’m so proud of my rapier wit that I can’t help but keep the title, even if their music stinks.

My work life has been a bit hectic of late – too many projects that never seem to end, turnover creating additional work for me, and, as always, increased pressure to do things quicker and cheaper.  So where I used to spend most lunch hours surfing the internet and playing flash games, I’ve recently felt the desire to get out of the office for a bit.

I started searching for roads in the area that would provide a bit of entertainment during my break.  This being suburbia, my choices were rather limited – most roads are either crowded at that time of day or arrow straight.  After a few drives, however, I discovered a more rural route that features a 45 mph speed limit, several elevation changes, and a number of curvy stretches.  The first section is on Killinger Road (hence the title of this post), and it’s a series of uphill curves that are slightly banked, providing some extra grip that enables me to keep a little extra speed than I normally could in a 40-year-old musclecar – or a 10-year-old Cadillac, for that matter.  A pretty lakeside road is next, followed by the return trip on a freshly paved two-lane through a wooded area.

I rarely exceed the speed limit,  and I don’t push the car too hard – I’m trying to clear my head, not wrap it around a tree.  The area is lightly traveled, and seems to be lightly patrolled as well.  More importantly, it has proved to be just what I needed to unwind a bit during the day.  The only problem is that I usually don’t want to go back to work at the end of the hour.


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