As Seen on Craigslist – 1976 Chrysler Cordoba

Two thoughts immediately sprung to mind when I saw this ad.  First, my brain immediately screamed “CORINTHIAN LEATHER!!! It even says it in the ad!”  Second, I thought “you know, keeping a Cordoba covered in the garage for 35 years is probably the best use of that car.”  The “small” Chrysler was an almost exact copy of the contemporary Chevy Monte Carlo, itself a baroque affront to automotive stylists everywhere.  Of course, being the ’70’s, it sold like crazy, at least until they started rusting on dealer lots and the wonky emissions equipment started shorting out after 10k miles.  As an artifact of a forgettable period in motoring history (and a link to Khan himself), this car is interesting.  As anything else, it’s just regrettable.  On second thought, I guess it would be cool in a subversive kind of way if you bought it, shoehorned in a Viper engine, and proceeded to stupify anyone who opened the hood at your local cruise-in.  But that’s for someone crazier than me.


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