As Seen on Craigslist – 1970 Chevy Nova

Despite the apocryphal story that Novas didn’t sell in Latin America because the name translated to “no go,” Chevy’s economy model was very successful for nearly two decades.  Much like last week’s Dart, these low-end models have a certain tough-guy quality to them that makes them desirable today.  Of course, the fact that they were usually cheaply optioned and lightweight while still offering big-block power doesn’t hurt either.  Since they were considered low-rent transportation, there are probably fewer of these cars left sitting around than many of their contemporaries, which tends to drive up the price.  For the money, if this car has a clean floorpan (a necessity, since the Nova utilizes a modern-for-1968 unitized chassis, instead of a separate frame supporting the body), it’s probably well worth the asking price.  I like the color and the wheels, and the interiors are usually sparse but still attractive, in a street-racer kind of way.  Bring a magnet to check for Bondo and you’ll be fine.


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