As Seen on Craigslist – 1963 Buick Riviera

My Buick-loving coworker has long insisted that when his Jeep finally bites the dust, he will replace it with a semi-ratty old car.  Something that isn’t too nice to worry about ruining it, but nice enough to be a reasonably reliable daily driver.  The Jeep continues to hang on by a thread, and I keep sending him ads like this one to convince him to do it sooner.  The first-generation Riviera is still one of the prettiest cars of its era (although I prefer the hidden-headlight ’65 model), even if this particular one is probably rustier than the Edmund Fitzgerald at this point.  But for this price, you could clean it up, tune it, and have a great classic car as a daily driver and not worry about destroying it.  That is, until you spin out in the snow, wrap it around a telephone pole, and learn the hard way why GM abandoned the willowy x-frame design a few years after this car was built.  But the days before that?  Glorious!


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