As Seen on Craigslist – 1966 Nova Wagon

Despite the dreaded “needs restored” tag, which usually translates to “barely runs and needs more sheetmetal repair than any sane person would attempt,” I love this car.  Right body style, right trim level (none), nice color, and right price.  Of course, that’s all contingent on the existence of floorboards and brakes, but if it checked out OK, I’d drive this thing as-is.  Sure it’d be slow, but the box-on-a-box design is timeless and I love the simple grille treatment and the vestigial fins that taper into the taillights.  The airy greenhouse, with its thin pillars and all that glass, makes for great outward visibility, something that almost all modern cars lack.  Of course, those modern cars won’t crush like  tin can if you flip them, but that’s the price you pay for looking this cool.


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