As Seen on Craigslist – 1969 Honda 1300 Coupe

There’s something fascinating about microcars, from the Nash Metro to the BMW Isetta to the modern Smart.  This Honda isn’t quite that small, but it’s funny to think that this was considered the company’s large car.  It sounds like it was pretty sophisticated for the time, with a transverse “air-cooled, dry sump, four cylinder engine with four carbs.”  The car looks to be complete and running, but the suspicious absence of an interior shot makes me worry that the certainly unobtainable trim and upholstery might need repair.  $11k for an oddity like this is a lot of change, and the seller had better hope there’s somebody in the area who collects old Japanese cars, because there are much better values to be found in the collector car arena right now.  Not only that, but being a RHD car from Australia might cause some licensing issues if you wanted to actually drive the car – and notice that it doesn’t have plates in the pictures.  But I suppose if you were a huge Honda buff or a retro Japanophile, this might for you.  I like the faux-Pontiac grille (Soichiro Honda apparently drove an early Firebird) and the sorta-fastback styling, but I’ll let somebody else have this one.


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