As Seen on Craigslist – 1969 GTO Judge

I’m not a restoration snob, so the lack of the original engine doesn’t bother me much, but either way $25k for a legit Judge is easy money.  Orange paint hides a lot of flaws, but if this car is straight and is a legit Judge, this was probably a $50k car three or four years ago.  Soon enough, the boomers will start dying off and the price will plummet even more (at least that’s my theory).  This car was the meanest thing around in its day, and up through the late 90’s it would probably still have smoked most factory hot rods – at least in a straight line.  But nowadays, with cheap turbos and stock Mustangs and Camaros making 500+ horsepower out of the box, these cars, at this price point, have little more than nostalgia to offer the average enthusiast.  Having said that, I’d probably rather have this than a new Camaro.  It just has that ineffable cool that modern cars struggle to attain.  It might not win as many stoplight drags these days, but that’s not really the point.




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