As Seen on Craigslist – 1956 Chevy

I’m not sure what model this is, so I’m just going to leave the title vague.  There’s been some debate around Magicboltbox HQ as to whether this is a good deal – the answer seems to depend on if you think the car runs.  There are many other questions though – does a transmission actually come with the car?  Is there an interior?  Why isn’t there a battery installed in the car?  Personally, I think $5k is a steal if it runs, isn’t too rusty, and has some semblance of an interior.  If doesn’t run and needs an interior but is still solid, $5k is probably still OK.  If all three of those are negative, run away fast.  This thing might ruin my prediction that desirable ’50’s cars were out of the reach of the average hobbyist.  I’d make the interior presentable, tune it up, and drive it as-is, ugly 2/3 primer an all.


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