The Winter Blues

At one point in the not-so-distant past, I laid out my winter project list and fully intended to get started shortly after Christmas.  The normally frigid Ohio winter even complied, providing me with several weeks of above-average temperatures.  Naturally, regular obligations and general post-holiday ennui interfered, and I’ve hardly set foot in the garage thus far.  The only things I’ve managed to accomplish are cleaning my workbench (which was still a disaster from last winter’s suspension work) and a brake line repair on my daily-driver Cadillac.  The latter wasn’t that complicated, but reinforced my desire to get the heck out of the Rust Belt ASAP; if only I didn’t need all the free babysitting I can get love my friends and family.

Anyway, things have settled down a bit and I’m finally in the mood to get some work done.  I’m probably going to start by doing a little redecorating in the garage (more on that later), but I’ve decided to skip replacing the fuel lines for now.  Since winter is slipping away, I think I’ll focus on the fun stuff – getting the new (to me) transmission installed and fixing the carburetor (again).  That should be enough to make me feel like I didn’t completely waste all this time playing with my kids and hanging out with my wife.


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