Sprucing Up the Joint

As I mentioned a while back, I’d decided to spruce up my garage space a bit.  It’s insulated but unfinished, and looking at three brown walls with a bunch of cabinets, tools, and junk on them was getting boring.  Not to mention, it was pretty messy in there too:

So the other night, I invited over my friends Neko (on the stereo), James,


Buzz, and TBD:

I have some additional space above the other window that I intend to fill with my favorite piece of art.  I’m still figuring out what to do with the TBD space next to the moonman, but I’m sure I’ll find something kitchy and/or automotive-related to put there.

While I was out there, I also got the Tempest up on jackstands in preparation for the transmission replacement.  Up next: inspecting my new-t0-me Turbo 350 automatic.


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