Turbo 350 Transmission Project – Pre-Op Checkup

This grimy monstrosity is the used Turbo 350 transmission I plan on putting in the Tempest, but first I needed to make sure it wasn’t completely used up.  So my first step was removing the oil pan to check for excess sludge, metal shavings, or broken parts bouncing around in there.  Of course, since it was on that dolly, that was easier said than done.  I started by trying to tip the tranny on its side, which only led to my garage looking like a crime scene as a large puddle of red transmission fluid spread out on the floor from the dipstick hole I forgot to plug.

I decided tipping it over was a bad idea, so I needed a way to get the tranny up in the air but still have room to remove the pan.  Out came the floor jacks and a 2×4:

From this somewhat precarious position, I was able to loosen all of the pan bolts (except the few that were already missing).  Even with just one bolt remaining, I wasn’t able to tilt the pan down far enough to drain the old fluid out, so I loosened it to just the last few threads, shoved a drain pan under the thing, and carefully held the pan in place with one hand while I unthreaded the bolt with the other.  Miraculously, I was able to get all of the fluid into the drain pan without turning my floor into a reenactment of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  A quick examination of the bottom of the pan and the old filter revealed a little sludge, some excess RTV (a no-no when working with transmissions, but probably necessary given the missing pan bolts) but no metal shavings or part fragments.

It’s not pretty, but at least it looks like the transmission is still serviceable.  A little cleanup and I feel fairly confident that it will work in the car.  I finished up the evening by pulling the input and output seals for replacement, cheap insurance against leaks since they looked pretty dry and shrunken.  Next up, pulling the old transmission out of the car.


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