As Seen on Craigslist – 1950 Ford Panel Truck

This is definitely one of those ads that you have to take line-by-line:

  • “A very rare and solid truck.”  OK, but just because something is subjectively “rare” doesn’t make it valuable.  I don’t have much desire to look like a suburban milkman.
  • “Set up for a Ford small block and has a 4-speed trans in it.”  In other words, somebody hacked the frame up to wedge a modern V8 in it, but didn’t bother to sell the engine with the truck.
  • “This car was out west sitting in a barn since about 1975.”  That may be true, but “out west” might be Indiana in this case.  I get the appeal of “barn finds” when they are desirable cars that were driven hard and put away wet, but somebody stashing a delivery truck in a shed isn’t that compelling.
  • “No Bondo, 95% rust free.”  I buy the first part, but apparently this guy has a much different definition of rust than I do.  I’m sure he means that the car is solid (which I would have to see to believe), but nobody in their right mind considers this “rust free.”

At the end of the day, this is one of those things that is probably worth the asking price to the right buyer.  I just don’t know who that is.


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