As Seen on Craigslist – 1975 Plymouth Fury

Far be it from me to question Jimmy’s sales tactics, but I’m pretty sure NO ONE has ever had trouble “handeling the power” of a “bad boy” smogger 318.  And this may just be due to the Craigslist-quality photos, but I would argue that the paint color is closer to “Schlitz” than “Champane.”  Having said that, this isn’t that bad looking, with the tasteful (for the ’70’s) black stripe and the vinyl roof treatment creating – dare I say it – an attractive basket-handle effect with the c-pillar.  Remarkably for a malaise-era Chrysler product, it looks to be rust-free with a clean interior and if you squint, the styling isn’t entirely dissimilar from an earlier Challenger or Charger.  Since this is equipped with a tried-and-true Mopar small block, you could throw a carb, cam, and headers at the engine and have a fairly respectable street machine without too much work.  Still, $8k is sky-high for this car, unless Joe Dirt’s younger brother is looking for a ride.  Of course, that sort of clientele is probably Jimmy’s bread and butter.


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