As Seen on Craigslist – 1964 VW Dunebuggy

There was a time when there were dozens of companies making dune buggy bodies for old VW Beetles, but as the Beetle has aged and become a collector car on its own, it seems like I see far fewer dune buggies as I did as a kid.  Of course, that might be because I live in Ohio and there’s about 3 square miles of sand in the entire state.  Regardless, it’s funny that this ad popped up this week since a coworker and I were just discussing old cartoons and the subject of the Scooby Doo knockoff Speed Buggy came up.  For 2300 bucks, this looks like a lot of fun (I even see a hint of Lotus 7 in the front end, but somehow I doubt it’s as fun as one of those), even if it has limited use in the Midwest.  I even like the VERY vintage button-tufted vinyl seat and the goofy stand-up windshield.  You can make your own engine noises to complete the cartoon effect.


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