2012 Massillon, Ohio Car Show

Much like last year, I used Father’s Day as an excuse to take my two youngest daughters to the Massillon “Cruise-on-in and Dance Party” car show.  One of these years it will work out that I’ll be able to drag the whole family along, and I might actually have the Tempest out of the garage in time to drive it there.  I was pleasantly surprised to see many cars that I didn’t recognize from last year.  Here are some of the highlights:

I’m finding myself more and more attracted to these Bandit-era Firebirds, just as they are going up in price.

There was a time when it was moderately popular to soup up Pintos and Vegas.  That time has passed.

This sweet straight-axle gasser-style Tempest looked awesome, complete with velocity stacks:

And a fairly original interior:

I’m not sure what this is (my knowledge of neo-classics is decidedly lacking), but it sure is ugly.

I’ve done an As Seen on Craigslist post on a King Midget before, but here was one in the flesh.

Check out that plank dashboard!

This early-50’s Pontiac looked to be the best buy of the show.  It was clean and solid, and was only $5,500 OBO.

’69 Camaros are like bellybuttons at car shows, but this one had a fantastic paint job and rally stripes that were more metalflake than paint.

I’m not sure why there was an Ozzy Osbourne-themed Buick hearse there, but I felt obligated to take a picture.

AMXs have always looked good to me, and this gold-on-gold (with matching wheels!) example was pretty sharp.

I never realized how ugly the dashboard was, though.

Despite their many flaws, it’s hard not to like the Pantera.  I could do without the wheels on this one, but the paint was absolutely beautiful and flawless.

In contrast with the AMX, this is an interior I wouldn’t mind spending some time in.

A terrible shot of the Pantera’s mid-mounted Ford V8.

An old Fiat 500 and it’s gigantic (in comparison) progeny.

My love for Corvairs is well documented, but this one was a bit overpriced at $9,500, despite the nice black-on-red color scheme.  I’d pay that much for a Corsa or a convertible, but not for a hardtop with an automatic.

It’s hard not to appreciate a Charger that escaped the insatiable maw of the Dukes of Hazzard, especially one with steel wheels and dog-dishes, a 440, and a four-speed.

Lastly, I’m not much for British cars, but I could see myself in a little MG.  Just as long as I had a mechanic on staff to fix it after every drive.


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