As Seen on Craigslist – 1971 Fiat Spider

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t daydreamed about driving through the sunny countryside in a small (preferably Italian or British) convertible, the wind whipping your hair as you gleefully toss the little thing through the corners.  This is not the car for that.  I’m not an expert on the market for old Fiats, but I can guarantee under that semi-glossy rattle-can orange paint, there is more Bondo than an auto body supply shop, and under that Bondo is enough rust to make a grown man cry.  $1500 is right in that “how much could I lose?” territory – expensive enough to make it not a complete beater, but cheap enough to make you daydream of the scenario described above.  The answer to the question, of course, is that you will lose your wife, your mind, and eventually your life when the last vestige of steel holding the axle in place finally rusts away as you’re busy overcooking that sweeping left-hand turn in the sunny countryside.


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