Turbo 350 Transmission Project – Close Enough for Government Work

Since I got the car running, I’ve really spent most of my time actually driving it for a change.  The late fall weather has actually cooperated, and the car doesn’t seem to mind the cold mornings at all.  I took the car for a nice hour-long drive shortly after getting a few leaks and other minor issues sorted out, and despite the coat-hanger-tethered exhaust scraping over larger bumps, it ran great.  In fact, I’ve driven it farther and longer than I had since the night I bought it.  I still have to hook up the kickdown cable, and the modulator valve needs adjustment, and the pan has a slow leak, but it’s been pretty great to spend some time behind the wheel.

While I plan on driving it as long as the weather cooperates, I’m actually excited to work on some smaller projects over the winter.  After the long slog of putting the transmission in, I don’t want to bite off any big jobs this time around, just take care of some nagging issues and maybe make the car a little more fun to drive.  First off, I need to rebuild the carburetor to take care of the tip-in stumble and leaky fuel bowls that make the car less responsive off the line.  I obviously need to get a new exhaust installed, but I think I’m going to wait until spring and have somebody hang that for me.  I plan on replacing the el cheapo brake pads that came with my disc brake kit, because they squeak and leave dust like crazy.  The turn signal switch needs replaced, so I’ll be tearing into the steering column.  Lastly, I’ve wanted to build a small console to hold a stereo unit and a couple gauges, so I might try my hand at that too.  Ideally, none of these will require the car to be immobile for long periods of time, and I can get it out of the garage in the spring instead of the fall next year.  For now, I just need to get to work on cleaning up my disaster of a garage and workbench.  I’d take some pictures, but I’m frankly too embarrassed.


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