Clean Up, Clean Up

I apologize in advance.

The garage has been in complete disarray, following a summer of playing outside with the kids, a few family picnics, and, of course, my almost-never-ending transmission installation.  With that all over, it was time to get everything put away.  I moved all the toys and bikes to the basement, shipped off all the borrowed folding chairs and tables, and trucked the old transmission and crossmember to the scrapyard (an attempt to sell it on Craigslist didn’t even net a scam response – believe it or not, not a lot of call for 40-year-old 2-speed automatics).

I then loaded up one of my favorite albums of the last decade and spent a late night with a bucket of soapy water washing all the accumulated grease and transmission fluid from the pile of tools that had wound up on the floor.

I also wanted to get my workbench cleared off.  This mess is what I started with:


And, after a short time, this is what I ended up with:


It may not seem like much, but it’s important since the counter will be strewn with tiny, easily lost carburetor parts before too long.  It’s also important because now the lovely Mrs. Magicboltbox can park her car in the garage again, just in time for the winter.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t count as a Christmas gift.


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