As Seen on Craigslist – 1967 Buick Special

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Buicks generally offer the cheapest cost of entry into GM musclecar ownership, and this is a prime example.  Well maybe not prime, given the ridiculous paint scheme, but bear with me.  For $3500 or less, you’ve got a GM intermediate, of which nearly every replacement part is available with just a phone call and a credit card.  It has an oddball-but-not-unusual Buick V8, which makes hopping it up slightly pricier than a Chevy but not impossibly expensive, and at least the base paint color is black, making it easier to spot bad body work and rust.  The missing rear window trim leads me to believe there is rust there (a common malady of these cars), but that’s not necessarily a dealbreaker at this price point.  Interior work can be pricey, but you could at least make it drivable for a reasonable amount.  The biggest issue are those terrible stripes, but the optimist in me says they’re just an excuse to experiment with vinyl wrapping.

67 buick special


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