As Seen on Craiglist – 1973 Pontiac Ventura

As Seen On TV Logo copy

This is one of those ads that I initially thought was a great deal, and then the more I read the less I liked it.  Of course, it started with a mistake on my part – I thought the car was listed for $3500, not $8500, which is a ridiculous amount for this car.  But with (supposedly) only 31k on the clock, this could be a nice alternative to the common Nova (with which this car shares a chassis and many other parts) – the post bodystyle and hubcaps lend it a nice sleeper look, and you can soup it up on the cheap.  But then I read the rest of the one-line description, and I got to the “New brake lines.  Needs a little bodywork.” part, and I realized that the single, poorly focused photo is probably hiding a vat of bondo hiding under that shiny blue paint.  There’s no way I’m paying $8500 for a car that needed new brake lines and still needs body work (sure signs of underbody rust), especially when it likely has a straight-six engine and needs a host of other repairs to run correctly.  Considering that this car has been driven an average of 775 miles per year, it’s a fair bet that most consumables (hoses, belts, etc.) are in dire need of replacement, not to mention that cars that have been sitting tend to start showing problems once they’re driven regularly.  I’ll pass, thank you very much.

73 Ventura


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