As Seen on Craiglist – 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

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I was (even more) unabashedly pro-GM as a child – my parents drove exclusively GM products until I was in middle school, and my dad was a Pontiac guy for most of his adult life (even though he had owned Mustangs and a VW Beetle as well).  This has manifested itself in my irrational love of 80’s G- and B-bodies and my intense desire to own a Buick Grand National.  Anyway, one of the few non-GM cars that I begrudgingly fell in love with in my youth were these turbo T-birds.  I have no idea if $9k is a good deal or not – this car falls into that weird state where it’s not quite old enough to be a classic but too old to be a daily driver, and it’s not truly rare (although rust and attrition have certainly made them harder to find).  But it’s cool (for an ’80’s Ford, anyway), and while not blazingly fast, it’s at least quick enough to be fun.  It’s also attractive for its time without being overly dated, and I love the dark blue color with a red pinstripe.  The low miles are good news, as is the seller’s apparent love for the car.  To be honest, I’d find a lot more cars to spend my $9k on first, but I’d certainly give it a test drive first.

88 tbird


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