As Seen on Craigslist – 1968 Cadillac Eldorado

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I do still harbor a desire to own a mid-60’s Cadillac, although my preference would generally be for a Deville convertible.  That said, the updated 1967 Eldorado, with it’s progressive (for the time) front wheel drive and knife-edge fender styling, is one of the highlights of GM’s most fruitful design period (check out Ate Up With Motor’s excellent history on the model here).  It was remarkably different for the time, and even though it looks best in dark colors, this one is still very imposing.  Cadillac even revisited several of the styling features in a recent concept car, proving the design’s staying power.  Of course, in typical Craigslist fashion, this seller tries their best to contradict my sentiments by refusing to photograph the car correctly.  You won’t be able to afford to keep gas in the 472, but for $5500 it seems like a great deal on what is still a very unique car.

68 Eldo


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