As Seen On Craigslist – 1989 Chevy Caprice Classic

As Seen On TV Logo copy

I have an unrepentant love of 80’s GM B-Bodies, and they’re reaching the age where the only ones left are total basket cases or someone’s grandma’s car that was only driven on Sundays.  This particular car looks to be the latter, and it’s a situation where the car’s low mileage and condition result in an optimistic price that belies the fact that these cars have almost no collector value (outside of the donk/SLAB subculture).  Regardless, the car is spotless and the black-on-burgundy color scheme is classy in an old-school kind of way.  The landau top is out of style, but it can’t be removed due to the way the cars were built (landau cars have a more vertical back window and the factory welded a clunky extension between the roof and the glass).  Despite that, this one is so nice I’d feel bad daily driving it, let alone at that price.  Still, I’d enjoy it just for the “hardboiled detective’s personal car” vibe I get from it.

89 Caprice


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