As Seen on Craigslist – 1976 Oldsmobile 98

As Seen On TV Logo copy

As a counterpoint to last week’s Caprice, this Oldsmobile represents the type of car the ’77 GM full-size cars replaced.  While that ’89 Caprice looks big to modern eyes, at the time of its initial release it was actually much smaller (on the outside) than, say, this 1976 98 Regency.  Given the choice and the price difference, I’d be inclined to take the ’76 and its likely 10 MPG big block.  It’s not really what you would call a looker and the color combo isn’t the best, but if you can accept looking like a Palm Beach retiree circa 1982, it’s probably a good price just to experience the smooth thrust that only a big engine in a ginormous car can offer.  Of course, this ad is now over a month old, so the car is likely a rolling Charmin advertisement by now.

76 98


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