As Seen on Craigslist – 1976 Pontiac Trans Am

As Seen On TV Logo copy

The facelifted 1974-76 Trans Ams may be less attractive than the 1970-73 models (an unassailable aesthetic fact, thank you very much), but the addition of the “sugar scoop” headlights, wraparound back glass, and clunky 5-mph bumpers didn’t totally destroy the fluid lines of the car like the ’79 restyle did.  The mid-year cars are still pretty in a gaudy sort of way (although I could always do without the fender spats), even though performance was certainly waning by this point.  All of that aside, this car looks quite nice for the money, although I’d take along a magnet and a flashlight to inspect the reported floor and body work.  These cars look better in dark colors, and this might be the financial sweet spot between the prettier early cars and the nostalgia-driven ’77-’78 models.  If I were shopping for one, I’d probably wait for a 4-speed, but I’ve seen far worse cars for more money.



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