Bumper Cars

About once a year, either my wife or I manage to do something fantastically stupid to one of the cars (mine are usually more fantastic than hers).  There was the time, distracted by our dog, I scuffed the mirror and door of our Grand Prix on the concrete base of a parking lot light.  Then my sleep-deprived wife caught the quarter panel of her Acadia on her parents’ minivan.  A few years back, I misjudged the entrance to our garage and rubbed the door and quarter panel of my old Monte Carlo on the door frame.  That error was due in part to the layout of our driveway – because the garage doors are in the rear of our house, you have to make at least a 3-point turn to get any car lined up properly.  That layout is partially to blame for my latest act of boneheaded carnage – because I keep the Tempest in the right side of our two-car garage, the G8 sits outside most days.  Over the weekend, I had parked the G8 directly behind the side of the garage where the Acadia was parked, which normally wouldn’t be an issue (there is room to back a car out of the garage with a car parked on the pad behind it).  Unfortunately for me, the back of the Acadia was loaded with bags of clothes destined for the Goodwill.  With the back window blocked, I forgot the G8 was behind me as I backed up, and, well see for yourself:


That’s what I get for donating to charity.

After the sickening thud, I expressed my disgust with a few choice words that the kids will be repeating in no time and took stock of the damage.  I managed to hit the bumper pretty much squarely with the receiver hitch on the Acadia, which is actually for the best – if I had hit with the Acadia’s bumper I would have done more harm to the G8 and damaged the Acadia.  As it is, the paint is broken, which means just pushing out the dent is out of the question.  I’m probably looking at a whole new bumper cover, but I haven’t had the heart to get an estimate yet.  I suppose I can take solace in the fact that the bumper was already scuffed in places and had been touched up by a previous owner, but that doesn’t exactly assuage my bruised ego (or wallet).  At least this probably means I’ll be accident free for another year, right?


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