Carburetor Rebuild Project – Actual, Tangible Progress

It’s been about two months since I spent any meaningful time in the garage, and I finally mustered up the energy this week to revive my dormant carburetor rebuild.  I cracked open my repair guide book, put some appropriate tunes on the stereo, and got to work.  I immediately noticed that I was missing the air horn to the carburetor.  As it turns out, I had soaked it in Chem-Dip back in February, drained the cleaning fluid, and left it in a sealed metal bin under the workbench.  Unfortunately, since I neglected to rinse off the dip residue, it had dried to a crusty, sticky coating.  Cursing myself, I spent the next 2o minutes re-cleaning the part.  I liberally hosed everything down with aerosol carburetor cleaner (only squirting myself in the eye twice!) and then blew everything dry with some compressed air.

Moving on, I mated the carburetor baseplate to the main body with a new gasket, screwed in the larger jets from another Q-jet I had lying around, reseated the accelerator pump check ball, installed the fuel inlet, dropped in the needle and seat, hung the float and set it at precisely 1/4″ below the gasket surface, and gingerly installed the power piston and primary rods – which tested my patience by refusing to drop down through the main jets.


Believe it or not, this is what it’s supposed to look like.

With that done, I’m probably about halfway finished with this thing and it should be leaking gas back onto my intake manifold in no time.


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