Carburetor Rebuild Project – Mother%$&*#@! Flare Nuts

I dove back into my carburetor project this week, starting with the intake manifold.  If you’ll recall, the leaking carburetor combined with oil wicking up the threads of the manifold bolts had stained my pretty Pontiac Blue Edelbrock intake.  After tearing apart my tool box and basement looking for my teflon tape (that stuff is never where you last left it), I busted out the masking tape and newspaper.  Before long, I had a shiny blue engine again:


You may also recall that the fuel line from the pump to the carb is partly rubber and I intended to replace it.  I jacked up the car and rolled underneath, ready to face my nemesis: flare nuts.  Yet again, my attempts to use the correct tool for the job were thwarted by a stubborn line nut that wanted to round off when I used the right flare wrench.  I broke out the vice grips again and didn’t make any headway either.  The offending connection is now soaking in penetrating oil; I’m going to give it one more shot before I let sleeping dogs lie for the time being.

Moving on, I turned my attention back to the carburetor on the bench, and finished buttoning it up.  I ballparked the APT setting, assembled the new accelerator pump, slipped in the new air horn gasket, and mounted the air horn back on the carburetor:


It was almost too easy – the pessimist in me is starting to think I forgot something.  I’m sure I’ll either think of it at 4AM or remember it when I’m stranded on the side of the road, gasoline pooling at my feet.  Anyway, all that’s really left is to hook up the throttle and transmission linkages and the various fuel and vacuum lines, and we should be good to go.  Unless a rogue flare nut knocks my eye out or something.



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