As Seen on Craigslist – 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix

As Seen On TV Logo copy

After a week-long hiatus where I seriously contemplated whether I should be allowed to work on cars (and recovered from a nasty late-spring head cold), we’re back with another local Craigslist find.  Being a Pontiac guy, I’m predisposed to like the redesigned-for-’69 Grand Prix, and while I prefer that car’s quad headlights, this later silver example is still an attractive car.  The era of the “personal coupe” was in full swing by this time and the Grand Prix and Chevy Monte Carlo were GM’s leading entries into that market.  Boasting the longest hood ever produced at that time (literally – contemporary advertisements actually bragged about this esoteric fact), this car was actually athletic and svelte compared to the previous generation.  I don’t see the surface rust that the seller mentions, but at this price you could afford a quality touch-up and still be in good shape.  You might need a spotter to park it, but you’ll still arrive in style.

72 GP


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