Respect The (Brown) Van

My growing brood of grease monkeys brings me no shortage of joy (and gray hairs), but they also take up an alarming amount of space.  For example, despite my wife’s 2009 GMC Acadia nominally being a seven passenger vehicle, the addition of three children in car seats meant that the two larger kids were squished in the third row.  Besides being uncomfortable, it was potentially dangerous.  The lovely Mrs. Magicboltbox and I finally decided it was time to fully embrace 30-something parenthood and get a minivan.

Three years ago, we settled on a low-optioned Acadia for various timing and financing reasons, and she never let me forget that it didn’t have a sunroof, a power tailgate, or the chrome trim she preferred.  In exchange for accepting a mommy-mobile, she insisted on the aforementioned sunroof and power liftgate, as well as power sliding doors.  No problem – I wouldn’t mind those options as well.

When shopping for minivans, it quickly becomes apparent that your choices are far more limited than they used to be.  GM and Ford have both discontinued their minvan offerings (replacing them with the Lambda quadruplets and the Explorer/Flex, respectively).  None of the Europeans offer vans in the US (with the exception of the VW Routan, a poorly rebadged Dodge Caravan), so the only options are Toyota’s Sienna (I still want to call it a Previa), the Honda Odyssey, Nissan Quest, and the Chrysler Caravan/Town & Country siblings.  We rather quickly decided on the Odyssey, based on styling, available options, convenience features, and price.  The only real stumbling block was color.

The wife preferred something in a Navy Blue, but the “Celestial Blue” that Honda offers on the Odyssey was deemed too… elderly:


After deciding the “Polished Metal Metallic” took on too many different hues depending on the angle and time of day, I managed to convince my wife that – as the folks at the BCAS already know – brown is in.  Brown is beautiful.  Brown is sexy.  So we got the Smoky Topaz Metallic (brown) with Truffle (brown) interior.

Seen here in its natural habitat

Seen here in its natural habitat

So far, we both agree its the best new car we could have purchased, and I actually don’t mind driving it.  The kids love it, my back loves not having to wrangle the kids into the third row, and most importantly, the lovely Mrs. loves it too.  And it just wouldn’t be as cool if it weren’t brown.


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